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iRemind for iPhone
In this page you can find a quick configuration and usage tutorials
Version 1.6.0 is available in the App Store from the Nov 1st 2010. It's a free update for everyone. It can be installed on devices using iOS 3.1 or higher. However you need to have iOS 4.x to use the latest feature: Local Notifications.

Starting with version 1.4 the app is free. The free version is limited to 10 reminders. You can unlock the app with an in-app purchase present in the Settings menu. Read the Unlock iRemind chapter for a quick tutorial.

Add a reminder.
From the main menu tap Remind me. Add a short title for your reminder (e.g. Martha's Birthday, Yerba Buena Presentation) and then tap the Date and time button. Tap to choose a date from the calendar, select a time from the picker view and choose if you want Repeat activated or not.

Optionally you can tap the Repeat button to select another interval. The default value is 5 minutes.
You can also tap Import from Google Calendar to create a reminder for an event from your iCal, Outlook or your iPhone's calendar. Check out our tutorial to find out how to sync all your calendars with Google Calendar.

From the main screen you can also choose the occurence for the reminder. By default a reminder will occur only once. For birthdays, weekly meetings or other recurring event you can tap the occurrence button to choose weekly, monthly or yearly.
To define a custom occurrence for an event tap the Custom button in the navigation bar. You can choose to repeat your event every 1 to 24 hours / days / weeks / months. Select 2 weeks for a fortnightly event. Choose 3 months for events that happen quarterly each year like taxes for example.
Finally you can choose to define a pre-alert for your reminder. A pre-alert is in fact another reminder sent minutes, hours, days, weeks or months before your actual reminder.
Hit Save when your done. The progress indicator will show you the reminder is beeing saved. When this is done you will be taken to the main screen a message will indicate the reminder has been saved. You can also see it in the Active reminders list.
Local notifications.
Starting with version 1.6.0 iRemind offers support for Local Notifications.

You won't miss anymore reminders because of network outages. You'll be able to receive reminders even when you are in your flight with your iPhone set to flight mode. But for this to happen you will need to enable Local Notifications from your Settings menu.

Local Notifications don't have the full functionality of iRemind. They are meant to offer you a backup for the moments you will be out of coverage. Local Notifications will only trigger the pre-alert (once) and the reminder (once, no recurrence).
Remove a reminder.
From the active reminders list you can access each reminder to update its information or to delete it.

To permanently remove a reminder from the server tap the Delete reminder button.

The progress spinner will indicate the activity. When the reminder is removed you will be redirected to the active reminders list and a message will indicate the reminder was permanently removed.

You can also delete reminders directly from the Active/Past reminders list. To delete a reminder from the list you have to swipe the corresponding row. The Delete button will appear. Tap it and the reminder will be removed from the server. Make sure you are connected to the internet when you want to remove reminders otherwise the changes will not be saved on the server.
By default repeat is disabled for each reminder. That means you will receive only one notification for that reminder.

If you want to enable repeat notifications you have to put the Repeat swith to ON when you choose a date for the reminder. Additionally you can select the interval. The default interval is 5 minutes. That means if you don't do anything when you receive a notification or hit the Close button on the notification window, you will keep receiving one notifications after another interval passes.

If you want to stop notifications for a reminder with active repeat all you have to do is launch the iRemind app.
Active reminders.
You can quickly access your active reminders from the main menu. Reminders are listed in the order they will occur.

If you want to modify a reminder just tap it. You will see a screen similar to the new reminder screen. Modify whatever you need to modify and then tap Update. The progress indicator will be displayed while the reminder is modified on the server. When the update is saved you will be taken back to the active reminders list.

Reccuring reminders are marked with a different icon:
Past reminders.
You can also access your past reminders from the main menu.
Unlocking iRemind.
The free version of iRemind has all the features activated so you can test everything and see if it suits your needs. The only limitation is that you will be able to save only 10 reminders and recurring reminders are disabled. You can save a reminder with different occurences but in the free version this will trigger only one notification.

We decided to offer iRemind with all its features for free so you can test everything before buying it. Test notifications, test the integration with Google Calendar, see how easy it is to create a custom reminder for an event from your Outlook calendar or from your iPhone Calendar. Test the custom ringtones we bundled with iRemind. You can also listen to them in the Ringtones section on our website. Check out the 2 ringtones from the popular TV hit series 24.

To unlock iRemind you have to go into Settings and hit Activate Unlimited Reminders. iTunes will show you a confirmation for your purchase. After you confirm it you can exit the Settings screen by tapping Done. When you'll go into settings again you will see a message confirming that you are using the unlocked version.

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