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InstaMail for iPhone
Stop forgetting. No pills involved..
With iRemind you can quickly and easily save a reminder and you'll be sure you will never miss that event. You can even create reminders for events already saved in your iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar.
Remember everything.
Remembering an event was never this easy. With iRemind you can add a reminder for an event with just a few taps.
Timezone friendly reminder.
iRemind is integrated with iPhone timezone so whenever you fly from New York to LA or from
Moscow to Amsterdam and change your timezone in the iPhone Settings, just launch iRemind and all your reminders will be delivered according to your current timezone.
Google Calendar integration.
Creating reminders for your Google Calendar events is easy as 1-2-3. Tap Import from Google Calendar, scroll
the events list and tap the event for which you want to set a reminder.
Choose from 10 custom ringtones.
Starting with version 1.4 we added 10 custom ringtones from which you can choose. This way you'll you got an ireminders the moment you here it. Listen to our custom ringtones in the Ringtones page.
Instant notification.
iRemind uses Apple's Push Notification Service to deliver alerts to your phone. Whenever a reminder time comes you will be notified once or you will continue to receive notifications until you launch the application to stop the alerts, depending on how you configure your reminder.
Update to 1.6.0 and start receiving reminders even in your flight, with your iPhone set to flight mode. That's no trick. It's just Local Notifications.
Set reminders for events from Outlook or iCal.
That's right! You can create reminders for events from all your calendars. Even your iPhone Calendar. All
you have to do is to follow the instructions from the Google Calendar page to sync your calendars with Google Calendar. By synchronizing with Google you'll have all your events in Google Calendar seconds after you create them. And from iRemind you can access your Google Calendar events from the Remind me screen.
Define pre-alerts.
You can choose to be reminded of an event from a few minutes to a month before it happens. If you define a pre-alert you will receive an additional alert at the interval you define.
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